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(2023 - 24)

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Aims and objectives

The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school’s aim is that young pupils should leave its portals as harmonious personalities with the general ability for independent thinking, logical judgment, acquiring an understanding of values and moral goodness.

In addition, we also aim towards:

  • The vigorous pursuit of excellence in academics, sports, co-curricular activities and character building.
  • To help pupils to develop lively, independent, enquiring minds with the ability to question and discuss rationally, to undertake individual research and to acquire a wide range of physical and practical skills.
  • To recognize and encourage talent of all kinds and of all degrees and to endeavour to stretch the intellectual and creative capacity of individuals.
  • In so far as it lies within the resources of the school, to illustrate the interrelationship of all human knowledge, to foster an appreciation of man’s creative skills and to stimulate a conception of learning as a life long process.
  • To seek to measure the extent of an individual’s success in making maximum use of his/her endowments and opportunities.
  • To develop in the school a caring community, exercising concern and respect for welfare of others and emphasizing the overriding importance of good human relations, based upon sensitivity, tolerance and good will and to learn the skill to conduct oneself, which is so important in all walks of life.
  • To encourage an attitude of positive response to the persistent demands of an ever changing society yet upholding a belief in basic values and standards.
  • To encourage pupils to appreciate the virtues of collaboration, to foster habits of responsibility and self discipline and to promote initiative, endeavour and the exercise of individual judgment.
  • To equip students with all the skills they will need to deal with a challenging future, we provide a technological and an aesthetic environment where learning can be a pleasure.
  • To project the school as the servant of the community and to accept it’s proper share of responsibility for equipping each pupil to find his/her niche in the society.