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Visit to Institute for the blind


A group of students from Classes VI to X of our school visited the Institute for the Blind, Sector 26, Chandigarh accompanied by 3 teachers. It was a noble learning experience for our students who interacted with the students of the Institute and in the process, understood the challenges that students of the same age as them had to face because of their disability. But in no time they realized that while the students may be deprived of sight, they had a much stronger insight into life and its many facets. The students of the institute shared many experiences with our students about how world seems to them, describing routine tasks, academics and extracurricular activities. Our students helped them in completing their Creative and Critical Thinking Practical Exam by narrating multiple choice questions to them and helping them in marking their responses in OMR sheets. The visit ended with the concluding speech from Mr Jayara (Principal, Institute for the Blind) and as per CSR of the school, our staff members bought candles made by Blind students for display and fund raising on the day of the PTM at our school and the entire proceeds of which would be handed over to the Institute for the Blind.


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