Where EveryChild Is Nurtured



Welcome to a realm of wonder and delight,
Where dreams take flight and hearts thrive.
Here, in the embrace of knowledge’s abode,
Our school life weaves a tale, an odyssey untold.

In halls of learning, our minds learn to expand,
Curiosity sparks, like stars in the night.
Each day a canvas, with colors so bright,
Painting memories, in joy and in light.

Our School

The top priority for us is to provide a happy, safe and supportive environment to our students so they can learn, grow, flourish and thrive. We ensure our students enjoy warm relationships with the staff, without inhibitions and have the ability to reach out to anyone for help and support. 

Every individual’s well-being is given utmost importance and we strive to hear happy squeals and laughter in the corridors of our School.

We are different from other Independent Schools

Our culture fosters an open-minded, challenging and inspiring environment for personal growth where we provide the space for pupils to find their passions.
Our relationships are different from the conventional dynamics of pupil and teacher – we see the journey through the School as a collective endeavour to better prepare our pupils for their lives ahead.

Mutual respect, trust and pride in the approach is critical to the success of our approach – not just between staff and pupils, but with parents too. Our unique take on creativity as a practical and essential element across all disciplines makes St Peter’s a very different learning experience – building a distinctive independence of thought, self-reliance, realism and authenticity.


Classes – Nursery – XII

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